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Brett's Mission

Through my years of counselling work I have become increasingly convinced of humankind’s innate capacity for self-healing and self-realignment.  As a guiding principle in our genetic hardware, we are fundamentally equipped with the most essential, inner tools to heal ourselves and find true restoration.  From personal struggles of self-image to relationship problems to the crippling experiences of grief and loss, human beings have shown themselves to be inherently capable of transcending angst and disorientation while also graduating to higher levels of personal development and insight along the way.


At the same time, however, our natural ability to address our greatest fears, challenges and self-persecutory beliefs is easily forgotten or dismissed altogether in the face of life’s many distractions and obligations.  This happens to every one of us.  All too often we know we need a change in our lives, yet for one reason or another we stick to the same circuitous route of actions and behaviours that only serve to stalemate our greater development and growth.  This is because of one simple truth: we repeat the same things in life because they are familiar to us.  As such, my counselling practice is founded upon a singular key principle: that new insight leads to the formation of new intrapersonal skills, and new intrapersonal skills leads to an upgraded life experience.    


My particular therapeutic approach, first and foremost, is rooted in the simple act of listening.  While this may seem like an obvious point, it’s important for me to establish the absolute integrity that I place on active listening within a therapeutic context.  The reason I value this so much is because of the critical way in which a reflective space allows for you as a client to be able to properly listen to yourself – which is a major component of personal transformation.  As such, my counselling style is to pay close attention to the beliefs, assumptions and subtle nuances that emerge from your personal narrative, and to help you to draw attention to the same things yourself.  Through this degree of introspection and self-awareness, you become better equipped for addressing unfamiliar questions about yourself while finding orientation in new, unexplored territory.

These are the spaces where real change takes root.


I do this work in a number of ways.  Some of these are drawn from current perspectives in grounded research in the behavioral sciences, while also borrowing from timeless principles that are rooted in ancient healing perspectives.  I value psycho-therapeutic and narrative models, in addition to the use of motivational interviewing, somatic perception, and various relaxation tools.  Above all, it is important that you feel safe and liberated during these sessions, and this what I aim to provide as you invest in your own growth.


I should also mention that my role, as a practitioner, is to facilitate a quality space for you to experience meaningful realignment and clarity in your particular circumstance or situation.  My job is not to “change you” or even to assume some kind of expert status in your personal affairs.  It is simply to help you facilitate your own restorative path that is best for you personally.  My foremost goal in these sessions is to serve you by assisting you in finding the right tools and inner resources to take the lead in your own life and to experience the changes that are right for you.  At the same time, I do not shy away from making bold suggestions and specific recommendations when it seems appropriate.

Guided meditation and deep relaxation are important components in my sessions with clients, and I thrive on facilitating spaces of stillness as part of the genuine therapeutic process.

In the meantime, I tend to specialize in the following areas:

  • Relationships and family

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Existential crises

  • Transcending limiting beliefs and problematic thinking

  • Stepping into empowering perspectives

  • Finding re-alignment with healthier worldviews

  • Developing a sense of vision

  • Healing old wounds

  • Rediscovering an authentic state of being

  • Dissolving fears while embracing authentic transformation

  • Connecting with inspiration


As a client, you can expect a professional commitment on my part when it comes to examining and exploring the particulars of your situation, while likewise maintaining complete confidentiality regarding the content and personal information that is shared.  Furthermore, my practice is grounded in the ethical code held by the BC College of Social Workers.


If this seems like a good match for you, and you are looking for counselling in White Rock or South Surrey, then just give me a shout and let’s get a good conversation going…

The Counsellor

IMG_6272 (2).JPG

Brett Maletic, BSW, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker / Therapist

My therapuetic approach is quite holistic in nature, specifically regarding the integrity of the whole person – including their psychosocial environment – in the overall process of healing.  This means that I take a careful consideration of the wider context of a person’s life rather than isolating the specific problem areas themselves.  When it comes to the quest of understanding the deeper bedrock of any one individual, “keeping the curiosity” has been my trademark and guiding philosophy.  As such, a significant part of my coaching work is to encourage my clients to develop and maintain a healthy curiosity about themselves throughout their entire life.


  • Master of Social Work Degree (Dalhousie University, NS)

  • Bachelor of Social Work Degree (University of the Fraser Valley, BC)

  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Science Degree (University of Sedona, AZ)


Registered Social Worker (BC College of Social Workers)

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